Mediterranean guitar lounge Vol. 1 (2006)

1.   Driving down the landroad                                          << back
2.   A mi gitana
3.   Clouds in the sky
4.   Luna de miel
5.   The green field and the grey blue sky
6.   Las Salinas
7.   A picture of you
8.   Alma y Corazon
9.   Sirenes call
10. Outremont
11. Thunder mountain
12. Fata morgana
13. Time to change
14. Velvet skin

Bonus tracks
15. In the back of beyond
16. Sunset café
17. Neither rhyme nor reason
18. On the beach

Raughi Ebert
flamenco guitars

Leo Henrichs
flamenco guitars

Daniel Sanleandro Fernandez
flamenco percussion

Felipe Rengifo Jr.
latin percussion

Helmuth Fass