TIERRA NEGRA, Germany's most successful guitar duo belongs to the protagonists of Flamenco Nuevo worldwide. Since their discovery in 1997 in Montréal, Canada, and the record contract that followed, they have produced a total of ten CDs.  Their compositions are featured on countless international guitar compilations. Numerous concert tours brought them all over Europe and Canada. Even HOLLYWOOD used their music for the movie "THE PERFUME". Without losing the thread to the Rumba-Flamenco tradition of the Camargue and Spain, TIERRA NEGRA creates a unique combination of folklore, lounge and pop elements in their music. There is persuasiveness in the rhythm and melody of the duos pieces - the infectious groove of the accompanying guitar may sometimes steal the melody from the lead guitar but never its place at the fore of the compositions. TIERRA NEGRA always manage to project their own enthusiasm for Flamenco Nuevo straight to their audiences, leaving them in a state of amazement and fascination by the end of every concert.

In addition to being topnotch players, Raughi and Leo are into the craft of instrument designing. In conjunction with a top luthier in Spain they are producing a line of guitars that bear their own brand name, Tierra Negra. These are high-end, professional quality flamenco guitars.
The Gipsy Kings discovered Tierra Negra guitars, and Raughi and Leo designed a special model for them, the Tierra Negra GK. Now the Gipsy Kings play Tierra Negra guitars worldwide exclusively