CD: "Nightlight - Daylight" - Muriel Anderson

Double CD

One CD to go to sleep to, one to wake up to. Many of the tunes were written as a present for a best friendís new baby, composed and played with love and joy. Itís music to remind you that the world is full of beauty. Musicians include: Mark Kibble (Take 6) producer/vocals; Victor Wooten, bass; Danny Gottlieb, drums; Beth Gottlieb, percussion; Phil Keaggy, steel string & electric guitar, Stanley Jordan, electric guitar; Earl Klugh, guitar; Howard Levy, harmonica; Roy (Futureman) Wooten, electric drums; Tommy Emmanuel, guitar; Raughi Ebert and Leo Henrichs (Tierra Negra), flamenco guitars; Beth Nielsen Chapman, harmony vocal; Jack Pearson, mandolin, and three string orchestras. Patent pending Illuminated CD cover: when you push the moon, the stars and fireflies light up, then there is a shooting star!


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