DVD: "New World Flamenco" - Contemporary Flamenco Techniques And Duo Arrangements"

Tierra Negra`s "New World Flamenco" - Comtemporary Flamenco Techniques And Duo Arrangements

DVD Video software featuring 68 video lessons - für PC und MAC, alle Länder


New World Flamenco serves two types of students; it's an ideal study program for any student who wants to delve into the world of Flamenco or world music by learning some of the traditional techniques and developing a strong repertoire of tunes that they can perform. But, it's also very appealing for blues, rock, jazz, pop and acoustic players who are more interested in flavoring their own sound with this very compelling, melodic and rhythmic world vibe.

Raughi and Leo first step you through 21 key techniques; 7 Rumba strum patterns, 3 Arpeggio patterns, 3 Melody approaches, 3 Golpe techniques (percussive sounds made with the index finger), and 5 Rasquado techniques. (strumming with flicks of the fingers). They explain and then demonstrate the technique in a very accessible manner and often times include a playalong segment for you to practice with.

Various combinations of these 21 techniques will be applied in the second half of the course where Raughi and Leo teach you the rhythm and melody parts for eight New World Flamenco-style arrangements; Boreal, Hommage a Manitas, Thanks for the Memory, Junto al Mar, La Camargue, El Acuario, Scirocco and Place du Forum.

Each tune is taught across 6 segments (4 for the slower tunes); rhythm overview, rhythm & playalong at slow tempo, rhythm playalong at tempo, melody overview, melody and playalong at slow tempo, and finally the melody playalong at tempo.

The playalongs are fantastic because you can playalong with the video to learn the part itself and then playalong with the corresponding part to comprise the full duo performance (ex. play the melody part along with the rhythm playalong video or audio or vice versa). Of course, all of the parts are transcribed and provided as standard notation, tab or as Power Tab and Guitar Pro files.

New World Flamenco is majorly fun to work with and extremely gratifying. In fact, you will find it hard to put down once you've dived in. This is one of those courses that everybody here at the 'Fire had to have an advance copy of and a few of us here even 'electrified' a bunch of the material with great success. We guarantee that you will have a blast as well!

Level: Beginners, advanced und pro

Format: PC und MAC, alle Länder

Language: Englisch

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